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Welcome to my page, where I document and share all the random acts of art I dabble in.


I'm Nick Rowan. I'm a professional driver, a has-been writer, and a frequent crafter with delusions of being a crazy cat dad. I have been known to crochet doilies in emergencies, and there are few situations that I cannot create a story for, usually with zombies, truckers, airships, or space pirates. I come from the ancient and terrible land of Usenet fanfic and the halls of Fandom High, so the prophecy says, and have shipped the unshippable with aplomb.


These days, however, my shipping days have come to dock as I reconsider what new adventures to pursue. I've been doing some writing here and there, stepping out in drag as a King of Comedy and Ridiculous Horror, and investing some real time into my local Pagan church. 


If you're looking for a contemporary author who lives with their three cats in New England and runs a book are absolutely on the wrong page. 


If you're looking for a wild, intelligent romp through randomness, fandom, and the most bizarre facts you've ever heard ...welcome. The cats are still a thing, though. Better bring a lint brush.


So...without further ado - I'm Nick Rowan. Click a link already.  



...You Were Warned.

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